Services for bots open source EDI translator


set up EDI

This is what most companies want.
EbbersConsult configures Bots, makes the mapping, take care of the communication, help you getting the specs clear (setting up inhouse file), cooperate with your IT personnel to get the right imports and export working, etc etc.
These services includes

Main delivery is a working and tested EDI set-up.
EbbersConsult guarantee that it works. We have a backup of your EDI set-up so we can help you later on.
You will not be bothered with the technical details of the EDI set-up and formats.


EDI course

Learn how to set up EDI with Bots open source EDI translator.
Often costs for EDI get high because of ongoing customizations per customer/retailer.
I am aware of this problem.
One way of handling this is that I teach you how to change the EDI set up later - as for lots of partners only smaller changes in a mapping are needed.


Other services

inform about rates.

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